Umibozu Lake

Archival Pigment Print
Legacy Etching Cotton Fibre
20 mil / 314 gsm
17" x 17”
Edition of 200
Signed and Numbered

Originally painted in oils, this imagery reveals a clandestine midnight meeting deep in the dark waters. Calling to her little Umibozu, or Japanese sea spirits, they gather around Namaka, our luminous divine being, in a perfect circle. Will they set out for mischief, wreaking havoc on wayward ships, or will they align with love and guide those in need to safety? Either way, the ethereal beings are poised to play.

The initial release of this image was a limited edition print on wood, and second as a Kickstarter reward with the Dreamwell logo for Tara’s board game. We are proud to release this favorite now as an archival fine art paper print edition for the first time.


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