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The Snow Bride

Archival Pigment Print
Legacy Etching Cotton Fiber
11" x 22"
Edition of 200
Signed and Numbered

The Snow Bride is based on Japanese folklore about a yokai (a Japanese spirit) called a Yuki-onna. On snowy nights a Yuki-onna would appear with long black hair and cold blue features, equally beautiful as she is deadly. Her translucent skin obscures her figure into the frosty backdrop, as she floats through the air leaving no trace of footprints. If threatened, she can vanish into a swirl of snow, but not before she uses her icy breath to instantly freeze those she lures in.

This stunning artwork was originally painted in oil on linen for Tara McPherson's solo exhibition entitled ‘Bunny In The Moon’ in NYC. This exhibition was based on a diverse array of myths and legends from different cultures around the world.



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