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Evolution Of Language

Tara McPherson
Archival Pigment Print
Legacy Etching Cotton Fibre
20 mil / 314 gsm

14" x 22"
Edition of 200
Signed and Numbered

Tara McPherson’s first solo show ‘Lost Constellations’ in NYC broke new ground for the artist back in 2008, and gained praise across the art world. Evolution Of Language is a portrait that shows you can say a lot, without saying anything.

Traveling the globe can lead you on adventures where you might not know the local dialect. Body language, using your hands and eyes, can get you a long way and maybe even better than where you were meant to be going. Mr. Wiggles, the balloon, is one of those friends who doesn’t speak but sure knows how to communicate. It’s all in those eyes and wiggles that balloons do best. Our space adventurer has her lips shut tight, holding the string of one of her Wiggle friends. Their relationship has evolved beyond traditional communication. She doesn’t even need to speak when with these friends.

I hope you all know a person or two who can say it all with their eyes! This is the 2nd edition. 1st Edition 2008.


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