'The Fox's Respite' Artist Proof - Diamond Dust Print

Archival Fine Art Print on extra thick Somerset Velvet
100% Cotton 505gsm/36 mil 
Embellished with Diamond Dust and Hand Deckled Edges
16.75" x 22"
Artist Proof Edition of 20
Signed and Numbered

Diamond Dust can be seen shimmering from the surface of Tara McPherson’s archival print titled, The Fox’s Respite. The hardships these companions have faced dissolve in the magic of this glimmering and enchanted forest. 

The Fox’s Respite has been embellished with Diamond Dust, glittering transparent glass flakes applied by hand after the printing process, that creates a kaleidoscopic sparkle with a textured and luminous finish. Many elements in this print are highlighted with the beautiful glass flakes of the diamond dust, from our heroine's crown and outfit, to the waterfall, fireflies, mushrooms, some foliage, and the fox's eyes.

Originally released as a timed edition in 2019, we are unveiling a very small edition of Tara's Artist Proofs for the first time. 


This print will ship flat and customers will be notified with tracking information as soon as their order ships.